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This is our exclusive SMALL GROUP Birdwatching tour to the Danube Delta, a 5d/4n program, with 3 full days of guided birding on the best spots of the Danube Delta. A day on lakes, for waterbirds, a day to Letea for…

From 650 euro/pers

It’s a tour for birders willing to see as many birds species as possible, in the most famous birding areas in Romania: Dobrudja and the Danube Delta. It is on of our most requested program, due …

1.300 euro/pers

Danube Delta is rightly called the paradise of birds in Europe, as you know, over 360 bird species live or pass through this blessed space. All this program is lead by a specialized bird watching guide.

From 400 euro/pers

When you say Dobruja, you think of a mystical land, totally special. But Dobruja it is not only in Romania, Dobruja is also in Bulgaria, across the border are places as beautiful as here. Like here, fauna is rich and special …

From 750 euro/pers

Danube Delta is the water kingdom and Dobruja is the opposite, dry land of many kinds: steppe, forest, plains, hills, dwarf mountains, sea shore. Imagine how many species of birds you can see!

From 750 euro/pers

An exclusive offer from Discover Danube Delta, we give you the opportunity to discover the amazing world of birds in the Danube Delta, in one day, together with one of the best professional birding guides from our team.

From 400 euro/trip

Dobruja is an wonderful land if you know when to visit it. Winter is one of the special seasons in Dobrogea, here we can see a lot of geese, including the famous Red-breasted Goose, Whooper Swans and many raptors.

From 260 euro/pers

A special program for Autumn – Winter Birding Tour in Romania for Mountain Birds as Pygmy Owl, Ural Owl, Crossbill, Nutcracker, Wallcreeper and Bears. 5 days / 4 nights on the best birding places in Transylvania …

From 500 euro/pers

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Birdwatching Tours in Romania is our main activity in the agency. It is what we like to do, with our expert team guides. Romania is an undiscovered territory, with primeval forests, mountains, hills and plains of Transylvania, the marshland, steppe and the oldest mountains in Romania of Dobrudja and the Danube Delta, including the Black Sea shore.

Under this generic name of Birdwatching Tours, you’ll find also tours for other living creatures like mammals, insects or even flowers. We have guides specialized in Birds, Mammals, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Orchids, Rare Flowers. So, even if don’t find your target trip here, please write to us and we’ll send you a proposal.