Discover the amazing wildlife world (birds, bears, european bison etc) of Romania and Eastern Europe.

SHARED Photo Tours

The Meeting point in Tulcea
Wildlife Photo Tour to the Danube Delta, 5d/4n small group – SHARED 2024

Shared wildlife photo tour to the Danube Delta, 5 days / 4 nights with 3 days of photo tours. Led by our photographer guide. You’ll shoot from a special designed boat for wildlife photography.

Wild brown bear
BEARS and BIRDS from Hide Photo Tour, 4d/3n, in Transylvania, July 2024

Join us for an exclusive summer photo tour where majestic bears and vibrant birds steal the spotlight from our secluded hides. Capture the untamed beauty of nature as it unfolds in the heart of Transylvania’s forests.

Wildlife Photo Tour to Greece, 5d/4n, for Dalmatian Pelicans 2025

A photo tour to the best place in the world to photograph Dalmatian Pelicans from close, in breeding plumage, with a spectacular background. 2 days from boat, one day from shore, with the assistance of a very skilled…

PRIVATE Photo Tours

2 days Bears and Birds Hide Photo Tour to Transylvania

Join us for an exclusive 2-days photo tour from hidden hides, where majestic wild bears and captivating birds reveal their natural splendor against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. Immerse yourself in nature’s …

Brown Bear Male
3 days Bears and Birds Hide Photo Tour to Transylvania

Join us on a captivating journey through the mystical landscapes of Transylvania, where ancient forests and rugged mountains hide secrets waiting to be captured through your lens. Over three unforgettable days, …

Private photo tours in Danube Delta and Dobruja. Wildlife photo tours, aerial photos, people, landscapes and macro photography, with an advanced logistic. We provide you: Specialized guides with very good …

Romania it’s an amazing place for BROWN BEARS and BIRDS photography. You’ll shoot brown bear from the best hide for photographers, with the bear at the eyes level and common forest birds from hide, in the morning light.

Griffon, Cinereous and Egyptian Vultures photo session from hide, in Bulgaria, Kardzali region, with English speaking local guide or professional photographer. Bulgaria it’s one of the best places …


EXTENSION: BEARS Photo Tour in Transylvania 4d/3n - 2024

A shared tour for Brown Bears Photo Tour, as an extension to our photo tours to the Danube Delta. For 2 days you can photograph Brown Bears from…

EXTENSION: Dobrogea Photo Tour from Mobile Hides 3d/2n - 2024

Photo Tour in Dobrogea, the mainland near the Danube Delta, for European Bee-eater, European Roller and Souslik. You’ll shoot from mobile hides …

EXTENSION: Vultures Photo Tour from Hides 5d/4n - 2024

A shared tour for Vultures Photo Tour, as an extension to our photo tours to the Danube Delta. For 3 days you can photograph Vultures from professional hides, …