Nature Tours in Romania

GUIDED Nature Tours in Romania
With our GUIDES Team you'll discover the natural, beautiful part of Romania
We'll show you Landscapes, Flora and Fauna
On the most beautiful places

Our small-group of nature adventures focus on authentic experiences

Guided Day Trip with OPEN BOAT (excursion boat) to the Danube Delta. Besides crossing the area of Danube Delta, by nature wild and full of life, we can get on Letea Sand Island, to see the famous wild horses in the Letea Forest and we can go also to the only city of the Delta, Sulina…

From 300 euro/trip (boat)

Day trip, with departure from Tulcea, with strong highlights on the Danube Delta’s NATURE. We will show you, in a short time, at a low speed, as many things as possible ftom the wonderful nature that surrounds us, with an exceptional guide.

45 euro/pers

A PRIVATE TOUR to the Danube Delta means a tour where all the guide’s attenstion goes only to your family / group. We offer you a dream tour to the Danube Delta, with all the essential elements included (we really know what is essential :-))

From 260 euro/pers

NATURE Tours are Birding Tours

If BIRDING TOURS are starting early in the morning, we spend all the time searching for birds, visit all kind of places (habitats) just to see some (or even only one) species of birds, the NATURE TOURS are starting at leisure hours, we split our time for all kind of NATURE attractions: landscapes, natural areas, birds, mammals, insects, flora. We try to show you all the beautiful places, you’ll see also birds but don’t expect to a very long check list.

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