Birdwatching Tour in Dobruja and the Danube Delta 7d/6n - Private

Best area in Europe for Birding
+360 species of birds
5 full days of Birding

Birdwatching tour in SE Romania, in the richest region in BIRDS, Dobrudja and the Danube Delta, with professional birding guide.

Danube Delta is the water kingdom and Dobruja is the opposite, dry land of many kinds: steppe, forest, plains, hills, dwarf mountains, sea shore. Imagine how many species of birds you can see!

This offer is for small, exclusive groups, where all attention of the guide is directed toward max 6 people and the program can always be adjusted to fit the participants. The program is not standard, depending on season, weather, natural conditions, water levels or other factors that make the birds to migrate from one place to another, depending on customer preferences, we can always modify the program and explore any part of the Danube Delta or Dobruja.

The price of this tour is

Nr persPrice/person
1 pers*2.650
2 pers1.400
3 pers*1.300
4 pers890
5 pers*880
6 pers750
single supplement+200

Depending on the number of people in your group, find the price per person in the table.

* For 1, 3 and 5 persons, one single is included.

Prices are in Euro, per person and include VAT.

The package includes

  • Guide, ENGLISH language
  • Accommodation for 6 nights at three star local guesthouse or hotel
  • Full board
  • Transfers on water from Tulcea to Mila 23 and back
  • Two and a half days of boat trips on the Danube Delta, including guide, boat and gasoline
  • Two and half days of car trips on Dobrudja, including car, fuel and driver
  • Danube Delta visitation fee, imposed by ARBDD

Not included

  • Drinks
  • Any kind of insurance (travel, personal goods etc)

Optional features

  • Single supplement – 200 euro/pers/program

Airport transfers (optional)

No of pers1 to 34 to 7
Route(Sedan)(8+1 Van)
Bucharest – Tulcea150250
Constanta – Tulcea100125

The price is in EURO, per ONE WAY, per CAR. For other places of pick up, please request a price.


Day 1: You’ll meet the guide in Tulcea, at the hotel, in the afternoon (we’ll send you all the details about the address by email) and have a short meeting to know each other and to inform you about the program for next day.

The most important for us, when we draw the route, is to know your birds target list. Please see Birds list of Dobruja and the Danube Delta

Day 2: If you want, you can start very early (this is not a problem for the guide, we recommend early starts), you choose if you take the breakfast at the hotel (usually after 7:00) or have the breakfast to go and you’ll find a good place for picnic after you’ll see the first birds.

Head to Macin Mountains, today is FOREST BIRDS DAY. The target is on forest birds but, to the Mountains, you’ll search also for other kinds (meadow, rocks etc). You’ll have some sessions of walk into the forests or on the mountains (easy trails).

You’ll have the lunch packed and you’ll have a picnic into the shadow of the forest. 

Day 3: The same as Day 2 about the breakfast. Today is the SHORE BIRDS DAY, you’ll head to South, to the sea shore.The lunch is also picnic.

Day 4: This is a different day, you’ll have half on dry land, half on water. The same about the breakfast (especially in mid summer). You’ll see a special area, with salty lakes and other nice places. At lunch time you’ll be back to the accommodation in Tulcea, take the lunch, take the luggage and the guide will take you the boat for the transfer to Mila23, the next part of your program. From now, you’ll be only on the boat for trips.

The transfer takes about 3 – 4 hours, it’s a slow speed transfer and all the time you’ll be surrounded by birds. In the evening you’ll be in Mila23, in the middle of the Danube Delta, here will be your accommodation for the next 3 nights. They’ll wait for you with a traditional fisherman meal.

Day 5: Breakfast rule is the same as before. Usually, the daily tour starts very early, till 10:00 – 11:00 (depending by the season) and the breakfast is packed, you can take it on the boat. OR, the tour ca be up to breakfast time, come back to the accommodation for breakfast, then depart for a longer tour, to North Lakes. As you can imagine, today is the PELICANS AND WATER BIRDS DAY. You’ll have lunch in another village, at a nice facility.

Day 6: Today you’ll break the breakfast rule, eat at the pension at 7:00 then you’ll depart for a long tour. You’ll cross the Delta, till Sfantu Gheorghe Village and Sakalin Lagoon. This is a long day, a long route, a lot of birds.

This is a BIRDS DAY, all kind of birds will be in your way beacuse you’ll cross marshlands, sandy canals, shallow lakes, waterlilies beds, small canals, large canals, the Danube (Sfantu Gheorghe Branch) till the sea shore. You’ll be back at the guesthouse late in the evening. Lunch will be in Sfantu Gheoarge Village, in a nice restaurant.

Day 7: After a relaxed breakfast (8:30 am), this time without sunrise session, you’ll have the transfer back to Tulcea. Now, in the morning, you will have the best light for this route. Of course, if you have a flight to catch, you can have the transfer early in the morning.

* If you choose the transfer to the airport with us, we can make a route with several stops in interesting places where you’ll see several species of birds.

Please have on you

  • Birding equipment as binoculars and/or scopes
  • Raincoat
  • Insects repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Season appropriate clothing, long robes are mandatory, trousers, shirt and a sun hat or you will get a sun burns. Clothing with colors close to nature are recommended; red, white, yellow and blue are to be avoided
  • Trekking shoes,/ boots / sandals
  • Sunglasses

Our strengths:

  • Team of guides with experience in this domain since 2004.
  • Very good accommodation and meals.
  • Original programs, created and developed by us.
  • Programs with fixed price (no hidden charges).
  • We are constantly on the field, we know what changes every day, where birds and animals are.



Phone: +40757894456 / +40749120009


Request a booking implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Bookings are based on a 20% deposit of the price of the program.

The rest of the payment have to be done 30 days before the tour start. If the tour is booked less then 30 days before departure, the full price will be paid.

Booking request form

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Cancellation Policy:

  • +60 days before tour full refund of deposit
  • 30-60 days deposit is not refundable
  • -30 days before tour full price is not refundable