Birding in Romania


Dobruja is an wonderful land if you know when to visit it. Winter is one of the special seasons in Dobrogea, here we can see a lot of geese, including the famous Red-breasted Goose, Whooper Swans and many raptors. Winter is an …

From 260 euro/pers

When you say Dobruja, you think of a mystical land, totally special. But Dobruja it is not only in Romania, Dobruja is also in Bulgaria, across the border are places as beautiful as here. Like here, fauna is rich and special and we …

From 750 euro/pers

Romania it’s an amaizing place for BIRDS and Bears photograpy. This tour is dedicated to Wildlife Photographers with high demands. We’ll search for birds in mountains area (moderate level trekking) …

From 550 euro/pers


This is our exclusive SMALL GROUP Birdwatching tour to the Danube Delta, a 5d/4n program, with 3 full days of guided birding on the best spots of the Danube Delta. A day on lakes, for waterbirds, a day to Letea for…

From 650 euro/pers

It’s a tour for birders willing to see as many birds species as possible, in the most famous birding areas in Romania: Dobrudja and the Danube Delta. It is one of our most requested program, due …

From 1.300 euro/pers

Danube Delta is rightly called the paradise of birds in Europe, as you know, over 360 bird species live or pass through this blessed space. All this program is lead by a specialized bird watching guide.

From 400 euro/pers

About us

Birding in Romania tours proudly offers quality birding adventures, expertly guided by our passionate and experienced professional tour leaders. We seek to deliver birding experience by ensuring our tours are seamlessly arranged, fun, educational and support conservation initiatives.
Although birds are our specialty, natural history, scenic appreciation and culture, play a strong role in all of our travels.
We provide a high quality service offering clients the opportunity to observe the wide variety of birds from Romania; from White and Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, Kingfisher, Pallas’s Gull, Bee-eaters, Red Breasted Geese and majestic White Talled Eagle, in the Danube Delta and, to Ural Owl, Wall Creeper, Hazel Grouse, Pygmy Owl, Westerns Capercaillie in Transylvania, along with the other birds from more then 470 species from here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birding in Romania so you can experience for yourself why our tourist return year after year.


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